Frequently Asked Questions


Is the BJJ Nottingham Open a Gi or NO Gi competition?

The event is a Gi Only competition ran according to IBJJF rules.

What time does the event start?

The doors will open to competitors and spectators at 9:00 am. The schedule for matches will be published on this website shortly after the late registration deadline.

What time does the competition end?

At the very latest, all fights will be finished by 7:00 pm. The exact time depends on whether we run absolute categories and how many competitors sign up for the absolute.

Where is the event being held?

Nottingham Wildcats Arena
Greenwood Road


How can I register to compete?

All competitors can register via this website once registration opens. Once you have completed your personal details, the registration form links to the PayPal payment page.

I don’t have a PayPal account. How can I register?

Just follow the online registration process. There will be an option to pay via PayPal with a credit or debit card without signing up for a PayPal account.

Someone else will be paying for my registration. Is that OK?

Yes, that’s absolutely fine. Remember to include a note on the PayPal payment page to tell us the competitor’s name.

How much is it to enter?

Early bird Fee –
Adults – £35 till 11:59pm 25th August 2019, £40 till 11:59pm 6th October 2019, £45 till 11:59pm 27th October 2019 (Registration end date).
Kids – £30 till 11:59pm 25th August 2019, £35 till 11:59pm 6th October 2019, £35 till 11:59pm 27th October 2019 (Registration end date).

What are the weight categories?

You can check the weight categories HERE. Competitors must weigh in wearing the gi, belt and undergarments.

I’ve signed up for a particular category but I’m struggling to make the weight. Can I move to a heavier weight category?

If you want to change weight categories, you need to contact us on or before the registration check day (6pm on Monday 28th October 2019). We cannot accept changes past this time because we will be arranging the brackets shortly after.

Am I allowed a small weight difference on the day or do I have to be spot on with our weight in the gi?

You need to be spot on with your weight in the gi. We will have a set of scales where you can check your weight before weighing in. Consistent with IBJJF rules, if you do not make weight on the day, you will be disqualified. If you think that you might come in over weight, please contact us before the late registration deadline.

Will you be publishing a competitor list?

Yes. The competitor list will first be published at least three weeks before the early registration deadline. It will be updated at least every 48 hours.

When will the schedule be available?

The schedule will be published on this website shortly after the late registration deadline. To give you a rough idea of timings, for Adult and Master categories we usually start with the blue belts first in the morning, then purple, brown and black belts, finishing with white belts and the absolutes (for blue to black belts) in the afternoon. For the Kids and Juvenile categories, we start usually with the youngest/lightest first. We may, however, deviate from this general plan if it enables us to run the event more efficiently and effectively.

When will the brackets be available? I'd like to know who I'm against in my first fight.

The brackets will be displayed on the wall at the venue on the day of the competition.

What time is the weigh in for each category? When do the matches for my category start?

The weigh in and matches run in the same way as IBJJF tournaments. The matches for your category will start at the time listed in the schedule. Shortly before the start time for your category, please make your way to the weigh in area and wait to be called for your first match. Depending on where you are in the brackets, you may not be called immediately. When you are called for your first match, your mat coordinator will ask you to pass through the gi check and weigh in then take you to the mat. You only need to weigh in once, shortly before your first match. Remember to plan enough time beforehand to warm up!

The weigh ins for the first categories of the day may start before the scheduled match times as there will be a lot of competitors needing to weigh in at the same time. That is, athletes with a category start time of 10 am may be called to weigh in from 9:30 am onwards.

Will there be an absolute/open weight category?

If we have enough time once we have finished the weight categories, we will be running absolutes for blue belts and above. Absolutes for Adults and Masters will be combined. In the interest of safety, there is no absolute for white belts, kids or juveniles, in line with IBJJF rules.

How do I sign up for the absolute?

You must medal in your weight category to be eligible for the absolute. Once you have received your medal, you can sign up for the absolute at the main organisers’ table.

I’m old enough to compete in Masters but I want to compete in a younger age group. Is this possible?

Of course. Just choose the appropriate age group during registration. For scheduling reasons, you can register for one category only.

What happens if nobody else has entered my category by the registration deadline?

During the registration process you can tell us whether you would be happy to move down an age group or up a weight category. If we still can’t find you a fight, we will refund your registration fee.

Is the competition straight elimination or repêchage?

In line with IBJJF rules, the competition will be run in a straight elimination format.

I registered to compete at a particular belt level but I’ve been promoted since I signed up. What can I do about this?

First of all, congratulations! Get in touch and we’ll move you up to your new belt level.


Is it OK for spectators to come and watch?

Of course! We’d love for you to come and support your friends and family. There will be tiered seating for spectators.

How much is it for spectators?

Entry is £5 and can be paid at the main entrance on the day.

Can we take photos and video at the event?

Yes, that’s fine. Please be mindful of competitors and other spectators and choose a spot that won’t obstruct other people’s view of the mat area.


I want to come and support my students who are competing. Can I get a coach’s pass?

Yes. We will issue free coach passes for up to two coaches/professors from each academy. Please contact us in advance to arrange this.

I have young students who want to compete. Are you running kids categories?

Yes. The Rules and Categories page (HERE) has more information on the Kids and Juvenile categories.

Business Owners

I own a BJJ-related business. Can I visit your event and set up a stand?

This may be possible, if we think it’s something our guests would be interested in. Please contact us to discuss it.